Florette: a great brand, inside and out

A great brand doesn’t come out of nothing; it’s not something that appears spontaneously like a wild mushroom. An outstanding brand is pampered from the moment the seed is planted, it is watered and cherished, with the care only people like Florette take, knowing they provide sustenance and make life easy for sooooo many people.


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While browsing on YouTube I came across this entertaining video of outtakes from the making of one of their adverts… deliberately recorded outtakes of course, but I’d argue that they are real and authentic, because working with the team at Florette is almost exactly how they come across on this video, the demanding, tough moments at work don’t prevent smiles and gratitude, so I decided I should share the video – Florette is a brand that’s sincere inside and out, you only need to see its packaging to realise it J

Enjoy “the making of” for yourself – https://youtu.be/JyOdG9B7nVQ

May 19, 2015

How packaging affects decisions

The ‘Packaging’ and ‘Branding’ business is more prevalent every day. The purchasing decisions of consumers aren’t just influenced by the quality of the product but also by other aspects, such as the type of packaging, the information it contains, and of course its design.


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April 17, 2015

Brand building: More quality, traceability and proximity

Retailers should not compete between themselves using the price of a litre of milk, a baguette or the price of a litre of olive oil. This can only harm the production chain -farmers, bakers, factory workers…- who can only watch as their effort and contribution are trampled by opportunism and discounts. The consumer, you and me, should judge flagship brands by the quality of their meat, the variety of their fruits and vegetables, by the sincere and pleasant presentation of their products and packaging, because they inform us about the origin of the product…

At lacía we are aware that packaging that over-promises doesn’t last very long in the real world and that there’s no need to lie in order to sell. Relationships between consumer and brand are built through trust and we have to convey that trust as part of our value proposition through packaging design.

The need for transparency and trust are perfectly compatible (if you know how) with the attraction, the stimulus and the singularity that every brand needs, we’re not talking about altruism, but rather an equation that works to build the brand.

Consumers grow more demanding each day and yet, that is not the real reason why brands and retailers should take care of their needs. It is not about favours or generosity but about giving the consumer what he is paying for. We live in a world of social media and it’s in all our interests that brands surprise us with transparency and honesty.

November 24, 2014