Oliver Gutiérrez


Partner La Cía. Branding & Packaging

A long time has passed since I joined Lacía, and today, just like then, our focus is the same: to grow and improve our clients’ businesses.

Through the years we’ve learnt that the category you’re faced with doesn’t matter, if you unite packaging and branding, working with good judgement and a precise strategic focus, you have a powerful tool to grow sales.

Our commitment is complete from start to finish, hence why we talk about traceability in the design. We are involved from the initial conception of the product up to the point where the shopper picks it off the shelf and appreciates it. Every business is different, but each requires maximum competency and absolute specialisation. That’s exactly what our bond with our clients is built upon, always measured by the commercial success of their projects.

Lacía will always be this way. People who use their passion and talent to create designs that triumph on the shelves.


Oliver Gutierrez