CEO Pepe Toquemada


CEO Lacía. Branding & Packaging

Distinctiveness, rebel spirit, success, ROI, creativity and love.

We began this adventure back in 1995 and now today, with around 50 people in the team, we continue to live and breathe the same values:

DISTINCTIVENESS: Every brand must strive to find its space, its own territory, and defend that with energy and talent. An unrecognisable design is destined to fail.

REBEL SPIRIT: Our talent, as has been said before, is often found among non-conformists, dissenters, and rebels.

SUCCESS: The success of a project depends on two things: a client who believes in us and our belief in the client.

ROI: Actions, especially with financial returns, speak louder than words.

CREATIVITY: Creativity with discipline, creativity with responsibility, creativity with talent.

LOVE: The thing that makes me most proud about Lacía is the team we’ve built. A pocket universe, comprising several nationalities who believe in what they do, work hard and are utterly committed to our clients, who appreciate us, respect us and teach us. Working here has been – professionally – what has made me grow the most as a person in my whole life.

Pepe Torquemada