Bimbo, the brand that gave its name to the category in Spain had lost its way. Little by little this iconic food label had lost its focus, losing the values associated with the brand. It was time to recover its place in the market, the brand’s pulling power and sales.


Bimbo is back! A new design that recovers the values of freshness, quality and closeness to the customer. The brand reclaims the leading position it deserves, connecting perfectly with the rest of the packaging to create a unified proposition that speaks for itself, with no need for tricks or gimmicks. As the undisputed leader in its category Bimbo has a direct relationship with the shopper.


Bimbo now has an iconic, highly recognised, design that perfectly explains its product range. The distributors have received the new design optimistically, while the consumer sees it more frequently and in a better light, leading directly to sales. 90% increase in point of sale visibility. The range of products is growing and has the backing of the whole brand, which boosts the business based on commercial sense and strength. Growth of the product range.

What the client said

Working with you is a pleasure, thanks to your proactive attitude, your ability to share goals and your flexibility to adapt.


Formatos Bimbo

Bimbo Natural

Bimbo Burguer y Hot Dog