A unique product in the marketplace, a new way of flavouring your cooking, using seawater. The challenge? For Agua de Mar to become an everyday item in the kitchen.


Is it water? Salt? How do you use it? What are its advantages? To answer all these questions we created a pack with images and explanatory texts, but above all we explained the product’s claim, that is the essence of the product itself: “Enriches naturally”.


The main European supermarket chains are stocking Agua del Mar. What was initially a bet on their part has seen the product become a well-established new category. The product is now carried in eight Spanish and European distribution chains.

8 European distribution chains.

What the client said

When you work on such an innovative project you need a strong team by your side, one with their feet on the ground, who are there to help your grow: Lacía is the ally we were looking for.

Sal Mediterranea

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 Sal Mediterranea

Sal Mediterranea