Norit is the leading brand in Spain in delicate fabric care thanks to its ‘Cuidado delicado’ (Delicate Care) range. With aim of providing the consumer more choice and to cover all types of clothing they launched ‘Cuidado Diario’ (Daily Care), a detergent that cares for all types of fabrics. The challenge was to move from a product-based market position – delicate fabrics – to one based on value/benefit: “CARE for all your clothes”.


A restyling to segment the brand. The mascot carries all the values and benefits of the brand, being tender, cosy and caring, denoting cleanliness thanks to the sparkles of light, while each product variety is differentiated by specific elements.


Each product finds its niche in the home, with the overall line showing an increase of 37.8% in the number of FACINGS.

What the client said

We segmented the delicate care line, with differentiated packaging, intense colours for each variety, a feeling of cleanliness from the sparkles of light and specific elements for each product variety.


Norit para ropa de color

Norit pieles sensibles, ropa sintética y ropa oscura

Norit a diario para todo tipo de ropa