Solan de Cabras



Redesign the brand’s PET bottles and develop a range of juices under the Solan brand. Bring the magic of Solan de Cabras to every product without losing the brand’s identity or strength.


A milimetrically perfect structural design that’s just right to take the world of Solan de Cabras into new formats.


Solan de Cabras were able to boost their presence in the distribution chain with the new designs. The brand and packaging are seen as the leaders in the category.

What the client said

The packaging is much more than the design of shapes and colours – it’s the ability to denote in the packaging the purity of the water, its origin and its uniqueness.

Solán de Cabras

Botella de Solán de Cabras

Zumos de Solán de Cabras

Solán de Cabras, formatos de agua