Ecolean Packaging

Ecolean Packaging

Ecolean is a new packaging alternative dubbed as «A Lighter Approach to Packaging». 




«Lightweight packaging is our answer to the demands of the liquid food industry and consumers asking for modern and clever packages. By using a minimal amount of raw material we create a lightweight package which combines low environmental impact with consumer convenience. Saving resources is saving the environment. That is why lightweight packaging has become a heavyweight argument.

The unique, pitcher-looking design has a generous face for consumer communication. It has a perfect surface for really high-quality print. Colours and sharpness will do justice to any communicative intention and will certainly draw the attention of a fast moving consumer. 

Saving resources is no longer just a matter of looking at the waste end of a package life cycle. Equally important are the resources used at its beginning. 

Ecolean uses less raw material from the start. Our packaging material is made from a thin plastic film, part plastic (PE and PP) and part chalk (40% by weight), one of nature’s own material. That adds up to a truly lightweight package that takes less energy to produce. 

Low waste volumes also save considerable resources in the waste handling process. Light and thin as the packaging is, you will find resource-saving arguments for it throughout the whole product life cycle.»

Ecolean products are currently sold in over 30 countries around the world, not yet here in the United States, but lets hope it makes its way here soon.



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