We are a brand culture agency

We are 100% packaging

We understand packaging as the connection between the shopper, the brands and the experiences that we live every day.

We are driven and proactive. We see every business, every person, every job, every task and every minute as another opportunity to design a solution and produce quality work.


That’s easy to say… 20 years of learning and working with all categories. Studying the codes and unique aspects of each one of them, without limitation. Enjoying creating new brands as much as modernizing those who have worked with us for a long time. 20 years of knowing a community made up of entrepreneurs, designers, dreamers and leading experts. So that today, 20 years later, we can say #packagingasneverbefore.

If packaging is vital for a brand, then for us it’s the team which is vital. Without it, lacía would not exist, the soul of the company would be lost, our Mediterranean influence would not be represented, and we could not work on more international projects.


We build and learn through our customers. We dream, we challenge ourselves, and together, we go further.

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