Brand consulting, design and strategic management

Brand consulting, design and strategic management

Our agency specialises in branding & packaging design.

Our (priority) focus is clear: we are convinced that packaging is one of the most powerful tools available to brands to connect with consumers. Packaging design is a product’s calling card. It allows brands to immediately convey their values, beliefs and purpose in a way that is clear and apparent to consumers.

For this reason, at lacía we are involved throughout the whole design development process, which begins with detailed consulting work that requires in-depth knowledge of the market, competitors and the common codes and conventions of each segment to assess which is strategy to pursue.
As we always say: “Packaging design has to go beyond being a beautiful shell, it has to be commercially viable and competitive, while meeting mass consumption codes and conventions.

Behind a brand’s packaging success there is always the same scenario: the strategic and design sides of the process going hand in hand from the very beginning, to jointly respond to consumers’ needs and wishes.

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