Bright colours in packaging

Bright colours in packaging

What is the first thing you see when you set foot in a shop? Yes, you read that correctly. We want to know what you lay eyes on the minute you walk through the door and greet the shop assistant. More specifically, we are interested in finding out which kind of colours your eyes are drawn to. Is it pastels or do you prefer bright shades? We have previously discussed products that use light shades to convey calmness and eventually end up in our bags. Today, we would like to show you some of these products that have caught our eyes.

S. Pellegrino

The world’s most popular Italian mineral water brand launched a limited edition sparkling drink collection, made in collaboration with Toiletpaper magazine and global creative agency We Are Social. The packaging of this flavoured sparkling water collection is already remarkably loud and surreal, but when combined with the feeling prompted by the images used for its launch, it essentially takes consumers to a parallel universe, where gravity might as well not exist. The base colours used in this packaging design are not necessarily eye-catching. However, what makes them so striking and appealing is the way these have been playfully combined with the main ingredient in these soft drinks: oranges. One of the designs displays them in an almost-melted state, reminiscent of ice cream, while in another, half an orange can be seen bitten by a woman wearing red lipstick. Are we the only ones noticing a clear link between this symbolism and the same old “better-half metaphor” (media naranja in Spanish, literally half-orange)? Finally, the third and last packaging design depicts a victory sign hand wearing two ring-shaped smaller oranges and red nail polish.





This new cereal brand, which targets millennial consumers, commissioned Pentagram partner and internationally-renowned graphic designer Astrid Stavro with the design of its visual identity. Astrid played with two opposing ideas when creating this packaging. One of the designs clearly aims to evoke relaxation and get shoppers to rest and decompress, while the other evidently intends to wake up consumers and help them be energised and get their day off to a good start. Can you guess which is which in the photo below? It’s pretty easy, isn’t it?


The packaging design using yellow tones with a pink and turquoise main character, with her eyes wide open and clearly taking up a lot of space in the box, is the one that invites consumers to start their day with as much energy as possible. In addition, another difference that can be spotted when comparing this design to its opposite is lettering; in the former, Dash, lettering is quite large, thus resulting in a smaller plain background than that being visible on the latter, called Zombie.




Adidas x LEGOcollaboration

We are completely aware of the fact that associating the LEGO brand with the word bold comes as no surprise to anyone. In fact, we know that the groundbreakingly creative approach regarding this brand would be discussing it as something boring and dull; but, for the time being, this would entail misrepresenting the truth. In reality, last year Lego and Adidas released a co-branded collaboration and the sneakers’ box could not have been more on-brand. Do you dare to guess which material the box is made of? That’s right! It is built with the renowned construction set brand signature bricks and being able to see all the brand’s classic red, green, yellow, blue and white interlocking bricks is definitely quite surprising and eye-catching.




Little Motherhouse

To conclude the article, we could not fail to mention this chocolate brand, which has adapted its packaging to celebrate the products and complex flavours that can actually be found within it. Yes, you read that right. The below orange to yellow gradient-filled packaging matches the colours of the chocolate bar it contains. We could not pass up the opportunity to find out how they have done it. Little Motherhouse starts the manufacturing process of its bars with white chocolate produced from cocoa beans grown in Indonesia and then naturally dyes them with fruits, tea and other foods.





As you have seen throughout this blog post, the type of products discussed today is totally different to that analysed in the article Packaging designs that attract our attention due to the calmness they convey. Here, we have focused on chocolate, cereals aimed at getting us to enthusiastically kick start the day, sneakers that take stepping on a LEGO brick to a whole new (and painless!) level and Italian soft drinks that directly connect us with surrealism. This is an open discussion, so please let us know your opinion in the comments: Are there any products for which only one type of packaging is viable? Regarding packaging design, what do you favour more, being creative in playing with brands values and identities or with the products themselves?


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