Florette: a great brand, inside and out

Florette: a great brand, inside and out
A great brand doesn’t come out of nothing; it’s not something that appears spontaneously like a wild mushroom. An outstanding brand is pampered from the moment the seed is planted, it is watered and cherished, with the care only people like Florette take, knowing they provide sustenance and make life easy for sooooo many people. florette_post <!–more More…> While browsing on YouTube I came across this entertaining video of outtakes from the making of one of their adverts… deliberately recorded outtakes of course, but I’d argue that they are real and authentic, because working with the team at Florette is almost exactly how they come across on this video, the demanding, tough moments at work don’t prevent smiles and gratitude, so I decided I should share the video – Florette is a brand that’s sincere inside and out, you only need to see its packaging to realise it J Enjoy “the making of” for yourself – https://youtu.be/JyOdG9B7nVQ

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