How packaging affects decisions

How packaging affects decisions
The ‘Packaging’ and ‘Branding’ business is more prevalent every day. The purchasing decisions of consumers aren’t just influenced by the quality of the product but also by other aspects, such as the type of packaging, the information it contains, and of course its design. delaviuda_post A brand’s image has become a decisive factor for enterprises. Despite the crisis both large and small brands have avoided neglecting this area, because to have done so might only have made the situation worse. The time allowed before packaging and branding is refreshed has been enormously reduced. Before, companies were only willing to change their packaging every six or eight years, now though the time span is more like three or four years. “It’s a growing sector”, says Pepe Torquemada, CEO of lacía. And moreover, self-service is everywhere now. Nobody advises you to choose one milk brand over another. The client makes the decision and a company like lacía is responsible for helping them make that decision. The image of a pack has to be powerful, convey feelings, emotions and be entirely clear. Don’t forget, for many businesses this is “their most important communication tool”. Everything matters It’s not just design that needs to be taken into account (although that is of course the most fundamental thing) but also other factors that come into play, like what product the packaging will contain, the ease of use of the packaging and the colours to be used. The final result is the most important thing, so at lacía we have a 3D printer to allow us to produce real versions of the packaging, as well as tools that allow us to simulate supermarket lights or fridges to see how these will affect the product. Everything designed and shown on a computer screen has to be able to be turned into the precise physical object. The types of material are decisive in this process and the technical departments at lacía have them studied to perfection. An aluminium can, a carton or a glass bottle aren’t equivalent– the same design will look different on each of them. Major changes, major successes A few years ago the brand name Delaviuda was synonymous with Christmas in Spain. This can be a great thing if a brand doesn’t want to sell outside of the Christmas market or extremely prejudicial if the intention is the complete opposite. The question was: how to achieve the change for Delaviuda? Everything started with a study and refresh of the packaging. The change needed to be forceful but not revolutionary. The decision was taken to maintain the colours, choose a more modern typeface and add the word ‘confitería’ (confectionery) to allow the company to move out of its seasonal setting.

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