Our rebranding.

Our rebranding.
We are faced with a new reality. Something has changed for good. We still do not know if it will be for the best or not. But we are certainly approaching it with optimism, freshness and enthusiasm.   At  lacía,  we have also changed: our logical and natural evolution led us to consider a deeper transformation, a new discourse and definition of our mission as an agency. And this is where we realized that we needed to outsource and shape this change through our new corporate image. As they say, the first step towards feeling good is looking good. And that is what we wanted to do with our image. A graphic that we were very fond of, but one that also asked us to evolve, transform and be more free. First of all, a new logo. We feel that this branding represents us better, because it expresses the freshness and closeness that we want to communicate to our audience. Hence the choice of a close, friendly and fresh font. More dynamic, easy-to-read branding which is capable of moving in different graphic environments. A brand that we wanted to be the reflection of our interest and our passion: which speaks directly and honestly. We analyzed the logo’s current morphology and began selecting fonts which complied with the new requirements: a modern, up-to-date and easily-readable graphic style which would work well with lowercase characters, especially the “l” and “a”. We made some modifications to reduce the tension between characters, before finding an appropriate configuration that would allow us to evolve intelligently while respecting our history. When it came to creating a graphic universe to define us and build the brand’s personality, we decided to draw inspiration from the graphic environment of packaging: our ecosystem, a world of flat, simple, decisive shapes which represent the personality of our values of simplicity, freshness and sensitivity in the design.  We opened a window to experimenting with graphic environments which carry the same force of attraction: lacía, a world in which our brand is free to express itself, move and evolve, with no restrictions or barriers.  We are extending the field of what is possible. #PackagingComoNunca

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