Packaging designs that attract our attention due to the calmness they convey

Packaging designs that attract our attention due to the calmness they convey

As you already know, one of the main goals of packaging is to draw consumers’ attention to specific products. For this purpose, packaging has to evoke positive emotions in potential consumers, such as curiosity, calmness or beauty. On another note, packaging can capture customers’ attention merely because it is appealing, eye-catching or functional. In today’s post, we will discuss packaging designs we love because of their capacity to strongly convey peace and tranquillity and help us relax.


Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters:

The irony in this example, the fact that the first packaging we think of as calming and have chosen to show you is precisely that of a product whose purpose is quite the opposite, is not lost on us. However, we find the harmonious and pleasing contrast between all the strict black and white palette patterns and the colourful labels to be really sublime. This packaging was designed in the USA by The Made Shop.

Now that you are already familiar with Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters, we have an interesting question for you: Is there anyone else who thinks it would be very cool if the final use of




This dairy company, which could go perfectly with the abovementioned coffee, redesigned its branding by adopting a cat character as its mascot, thus ousting the overused cow and creating a clear differentiating factor.

What we find calming about this packaging is the fact that it is impossible to look at the brand’s mascot, a very friendly cat, without noticing the emotion and curiosity conveyed by its eye expressions.

This packaging was designed by a Russian branding agency, called Depot. This agency noticed that the brand’s visual identity was regarded as outdated by customers and that it did not quite reflect the principles and values the company wanted to communicate. For this reason, the agency opted for a total rebrand of the full dairy range offered by Milgram.




Nature often has a solution to certain problems, both logical and design-related ones; because, ultimately, it is all about knowing where to look and identifying what really matters. This is how Constantin Bolimond, a Belarusian designer, realised that the way rodents store food from the point of collection to their burrows was the perfect inspiration for creating a packaging design for nuts, which are also the main food source of these mammals.


You will be wondering which element of this packaging seems calming to us. Well, there is something about the squirrel’s cheeks that makes us feel exactly the same as the cat in Milgram’s packaging.




Finally, we would like to talk about a packaging designed by Robert Dadashev, in collaboration with students from the British School of Art & Design in Moscow. Children under the age of 5 are more susceptible to infections because their immune systems are not yet fully developed; however, proper hygiene and bathing reduce this risk. The challenge lies in the fact that many children do not like bath time. This issue gave rise to the idea of creating a soap packaging design that parents could use to play with their children in order to turn bath time into a more enjoyable experience for them.


This design received the 2020 Pentawards Nxt-Gen Award and we find its predominantly round shape, neutral colour palette and – why not say it – the peaceful expression on the faces of the main characters very calming.



These are four of the most peace-inducing packaging designs that we can take home to enjoy when looking for a moment of peace, something we need quite often after a hard day’s work.


Which common elements do they share? We believe the expressiveness of the last three examples, and how effectively they convey feelings, to be incredibly striking. While, regarding the first one, we love how well-matched all its prints are and the elegance with which that touch of colour has been added.


Which one is your favourite?


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