Packaging for alcoholic beverages

Packaging for alcoholic beverages

There are certain products for which packaging plays a really relevant role and is a critical factor in the consumer’s decision-making process, due to the advertising restrictions and regulations these are subject to. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco are great examples of this.

Absolut Vodka

It would be impossible for us to introduce this post on alcoholic beverage packaging without mentioning the first bottle that comes to mind when we hear these two ideas being used in the same sentence: Absolut Vodka.

We have already talked about the story behind this bottle, discussing its uniqueness and distinctiveness and emphasising how remarkable it is that consumers immediately correlate it with the brand, no logo needed. Consequently, today we would like to show you how the brand has adapted its packaging to commemorate different campaigns and milestones: ABSOLUT FACET, as a manifestation of how the best nights happen out of the blue, symbolizing the many unexpected paths a night out can take you; ABSOLUT RAINBOW EDITION, as a celebration of International LGBTIQA+Pride Day; ABSOLUT ROCK, as a tribute to the world of rock and roll; etc.

These limited editions are what prompts us to choose Absolut Vodka over other vodkas. Because the rainbow flag, a studded black faux leather covered bottle or those sequins make us relate to the brand and feel represented in its packaging. Thus, we want the bottle on our shelves, as a decorative object.


Printer’s Ale Macturating Co

This American beer brand, whose packaging pays tribute to the world of printing and the tools of the trade, has a family history that perfectly symbolises the values the company wants to convey.

This beer brand founder’s great-great-great grandfather opened a brewery in 1800 in Germany and his great-great grandfather immigrated to the United States in 1911, where he started a printing company in Georgia.


Several generations later, that printing company was still being run by Greg, Printer’s Ale founder, whilst he home brewed all the while, so eventually he decided to come full-circle (occupationally speaking) and go pro. Greg’s story and the personal significance the world of printing holds for him explains the real reason why his beer packaging honours the four basic inks used in printing: yellow, cyan, magenta and black. This packaging managed to capture our attention due to its design dynamism and how perfectly it sums up the story behind the brand.




Johnnie Walker

Diageo, the British multinational beverage alcohol company, has teamed up with Pulpex Limited, a sustainable packaging technology company specialised in manufacturing plastic-free bottles made from sustainably sourced wood pulp.


Diageo has announced that this type of packaging will debut with Johnnie Walker, the world’s number one Scotch Whisky. This bottle has a clearly distinctive design that will make it stand out on the shelf over its competitors. Is there any other bottle similar to this one, both in terms of design and concept, as well as regarding sustainability? We do not think so.




Larios 12 and Larios Rosé

Larios is another alcoholic beverage brand that is always keen to show its support for the LGBTIQA+ community, as Pride Day approaches. The brand has found a way to achieve this goal, without losing sight of its Mediterranean roots or forgetting its brand essence and characteristic packaging.

Thus, the brand has applied a new label to the bottles of its two premium collections, Larios 12 and Larios Rosé. This packaging is clearly positioned in favour of a social cause, with which a lot of consumers ally themselves, showing the brand’s respect and support in their struggle.



Many of these brands need to earn consumer attention at the moment of purchase and, as we know, this is one of the most important functions of what we do.


Throughout this post we have discussed the packaging design of different alcoholic beverages and how it sparks our interest to get us to purchase the product, despite the advertising restrictions this segment is subject to. Which of these bottles would you buy?


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