Rebranding lacía

The challenge

At lacía, we’ve defined ourselves as “drivers” of projects, concepts, launches and new ideas. We consider ourselves a very dynamic agency, made up of restless and creative people: we like challenges.

We always encourage our clients to be brave and surprise their consumers with launches and innovative ideas. Until one day, we stopped to think and realized that these tips were also applicable to our own brand: lacía needed to tell the world what it really is.


This happens a lot, right?

Working day in and day out with clients, helping them to evolve, we suddenly looked at ourselves and realized that we had also changed; we had also grown, and this change should be reflected and expressed in some way.
The best option was by using our own team’s creative talent: they were the only ones capable of transmitting through our brand what we only managed to synthesize with words.

A new logo, which we feel represents us because it expresses the freshness and proximity with which we work and enjoy ourselves.

A typographic change towards a more casual, friendly and fresh image. A dynamic, easy-to-read branding capable of functioning in different graphic design settings. A brand that we wanted to be the reflection of our curiosity and our passion: one that speaks directly and honestly.

A brand that accompanies our clients and is an ambassador for our platform #packagingasneverbefore: because as we say, our packaging is the best tool that companies have for branding; because it allows us to establish a direct language with the shopper; because we take on each project with a 360° perspective, combining strategy and creativity; and because we know how to make packaging work as your brand’s megaphone.

#packagingasneverbefore is the sum of many things: teamwork, knowledge, creativity and experience, always with the goal of brands connecting with their shoppers.

We needed a new environment for the new brand to live and grow, and that is why we decided to take a chance and be inspired by our ecosystem: packaging. Our ecosystem, a world of flat, simple, decisive shapes which represent the personality of our values of simplicity, freshness and sensitivity in design.

A universe that also opens itself up to a new colour palette in which our brand abandons the concept of one colour and instead enters a world in which lacía is free to express itself, move and evolve… no strings attached and no obstacles in our way.

A way of communicating with the outside world that also brings with it more dynamism on our part: a brand evolution that we want to be a reflection of where we’re going and that marks a new beginning for our agency.


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