The challenge

Proteins are all the rage.

Okami wants to revolutionize the world of food in a bright and positive way. It’s an ambassador for a delicious way of pampering yourself that is perfect for curious shoppers who pay attention to what they eat.

When the brand told us about the idea of launching a range of organic proteins which were additive free and suitable for vegetarians, we knew that we had to create packaging that would compete strongly in this category. We had to be credible without losing the essence of Okami.

Brand naming
Brand identity
Tone of voice
Brand architecture
Packaging design

We chose a black colour range, a very characteristic colour in this category. But we combined it with modern and vibrant colour tones. We sought the right balance between product effectiveness and the representation of naturalness, thanks to fresh and juicy ingredients.

We proposed a brand architecture that is consistent with the rest of the portfolio, but we also included our own and unique resources for these new launches.

We chose to use fonts with personality, strength and energy, which were capable of transmitting the products’ effectiveness as well as their potential. We worked on differentiating them through clear messages, vibrant colours and, above all, a fresh and contemporary presentation of the ingredients in line with market trends.


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