The importance of packaging. Some reflections

The importance of packaging. Some reflections
In a world full of incentives, offers and saturation for the senses, our image, colours and design – essentially, our packaging – play a crucial role, today more than ever, not just in the selling decision, but also in the perception that the consumer may have of us. A key position and the careful selection of elements which shape our image cannot be a decision that is made lightly. The modern day consumer is a lot more rational and less impulsive. They consider not just the design, for example, but also the materials used in the production of the design. Environmentally friendly materials, from their production to their recycling. This takes on even greater importance if the product that we are designing the packaging for possesses these characteristics within its core values. Therefore, both the materials and the colours, letters or font used on the elements that it is composed of must agree with the brand’s spirit and image. Of course, the design is not the only priority. Good storage conditions and product transportation must also be accounted for when creating a package. Since this may also affect us when it comes to buying the product, a very original and outdated design might be impractical for the consumer. Lastly, in an environment full of new technology where changes take place very quickly and tendencies overlap, we should keep the brand’s history, evolution and DNA in mind. Too sudden a change can lead to a loss of reference or confusion when identifying our product and, as a result, a loss of visibility and authenticity. In conclusion, the packaging defines our presentation, our history and our vision of the world. Contain, protect and transport. #packagingasneverbefore

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