Three packaging trends we expect to see in 2021

Three packaging trends we expect to see in 2021

Our team of consultants and project managers brings you three trends that will burst onto the scene in 2021.

Minimalism is coming to stay

We have already seen other sectors succumbing to this trend and many brands are committing themselves to this concept.

Nowadays, minimalism is one of the most important trends across the world and is coming to finally claim a privileged position at the packaging table. Over the last few years, many have opted for this style, lured by its inherent simplicity and elegance, as well as the calmness and well-being benefits it provides.

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This trend is best characterised by the maxim “less is more” and the use of predominantly natural and soft colours. If the goal is to surprise users, small contrasting visual features that compliment this style, while getting the product to stand out on the shelf, can be added for a more comprehensive and appealing user experience.

Flat design as the perfect accessory

The increasing popularity of flat design (also known as flat illustrations) is another trend we anticipate and, coincidentally, this design approach and minimalism complement each other perfectly. This is not a new trend, since as we all know latest trends tend to have been around for a while and simply come back due to the resurgence of their popularity; however, 2021 is the year when we will see its consolidation in the packaging industry.

Flat design is a style that uses a distinct, two-dimensional and bright colour palette. It is also defined by the presence of compositions organised by uniform geometric shapes and bold and oversized typography that conveys clear and direct messages. In short, the greatest appeal of this style lies in its intuitive use of simple shapes and messaging.

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Besides, it should be noted that this type of design is a perfect match for minimalism, and can easily add the surprising visual feature we mentioned above. However, one very important aspect to take into consideration is that, regardless of the style we choose for any given packaging project, we must make sure it clearly reflects its brand’s essence.

Full transparency

Due to the recent crisis, this trend is increasingly common. Transparent or see-through packaging allows us to completely or partially take a peek at the contents of a pack.

This trend has been motivated by the need to see final products without having to touch them. This approach also entails a clear commitment to honesty, since brands are forced to present their true unadulterated brand identity to shoppers, which in turn generates brand loyalty.

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However, do not let that fool you! This trend may revolve around transparency, but this fact does not mean it cannot be sprinkled with the harmonious colour themes and attractiveness your brand may need. The final product can be used to add a touch of colour and ground-breaking and original labels that make products stand out among the competition and catch customers’ attention. That’s always a good idea.


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