A unique product and experience

Gullón is the leading brand in the healthy biscuit segment.

With the launch of the Vitalgrain with Rice brand, it aspired to break with the rules usually followed by the company, building a more groundbreaking and memorable discourse.

The aim was to connect both with a young/adult public, mindful of food trends but also of design.


By analysing the shelf, we decided to go for a fresh, dynamic and modern colour scheme throughout the range: an element that would attract attention in the midst of so much on offer and that at the same time would also represent the “lightness” that is usually associated with rice.

We opted for a clean, flat logo that would stand out thanks to the chromatic contrast and a friendly, casual typography. We also focused on the representation of the ingredients in a more visual and dynamic way.

A product range with its own style inside that perfectly reflects the balance between health, taste and fun.

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In balance comes happiness