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We work with brands to help them find their voice, so they can create authentic relationships with their customers.

We create unique designs
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FABS is the most expert and trendy brand in the premium cookie category for cosmopolitan-minded adults who want to show the world who they want to be and where they want to go through a current, urban, and social lifestyle. FABS offers truly appetizing, honest, groundbreaking, and stimulating experiences.

Limo y Lima

A fresh, healthy proposal that is not incompatible with fun. A memorable, approachable wordplay for everyone.

Umi no Aji

For a range whose central axis is the best selected red tuna in Japanese cuisine, no other name could be more direct than one that speaks of its origin and quality: Sabor a Mar (Taste of the Sea). Origin, organoleptic properties, and culinary tradition unite in this name/concept.


Although it also means wolf, Okami represents its more primary meaning: Great Deity or Great Spirit. This is how the brand was born, with a great spirit to make superfoods a common and democratic ally: flavor, clarity, and health accessible to all spirits.


The naming had to reflect a new product concept designed to start the day with positivity, energy, and vitality. A positive and evocative name designed for an urban and active target audience.


Our goal? To create a brand that fully conveyed its values from the naming: naturalness, purity, and above all, product. In our case, we used the word "grano" in Basque, which directly and inspiringly links us to the business and the land.

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For over 20 years
For over 20 years
For over 20 years