A delicacy of tradition and modernity

In the world of caviar, exclusivity and sophistication are above all else. When we started this project we knew that we also had to fulfill a clear purpose: to represent, through the packaging, the personality and essence of the brand’s founder: a visionary and daring entrepreneur.


We break the standards of the category, through a fresh, unique and memorable language.

We drew inspiration from the 1920s aesthetics, when caviar became the symbol of both luxury and prestige. We created a symbol that has many different meanings: a sturgeon, the origin of our product, an eye that symbolises the search for the best caviar and also the amulet, the Turkish eye, which in many cultures is linked to good luck.

C 29
M 1
Y 0
K 55

C 11
M 0
Y 19
K 24

C 0
M 44
Y 52
K 22

C 0
M 21
Y 29
K 11

C 0
M 1
Y 6
K 9

Every product tells a story. Every product has a personality. Every product is a jewel to be discovered.

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